When the final chapter is written on these cases (nuisance lawsuits against the hog industry), we’ll see the people being represented are being prostituted for money.       -NC State Rep. Jimmy Dixon (Duplin, R)

“Deep financial ties exist between the bill’s (HB467) backers and the hog industry. Cumulatively, House Republicans who supported HB467 have received more than $272,000 in campaign contributions from the industry throughout their careers…Dixon has received $115,000, including $36,250 from individuals associated with Murphy-Brown and $9,500 from the Pork Council.

This is environmental racism. This is my family land. And I’m sure race played a part when they decided they wanted to develop this area. We’ve been asked many times, ‘Why don’t you just move?’ Move and go where?  I don’t want to move. I never knew my grandfather, but I know he walked on this ground. And his family. It’s my land.  -Elsie Herring, NCEJN Board of Directors Member

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