From the NC Environmental Justice Network Staff:

Regarding “NC poised to test what critics call a ‘snowblower blowing garbage juice’ ” (Aug. 12): We at the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network (NCEJN) would like to applaud Gov. Roy Cooper on his veto of HB 576. Little is known of the potential effects of spraying leachate, or “garbage juice,” into the air. We do know, however, that leachate contains harmful bacteria, viruses and toxins that are calamitous to human populations. This is an illogical bill that would force the Department of Environmental Quality to allow the use of this mechanism at municipal landfills without study, research or permit.

We at NCEJN serve the interests of environmental justice communities in North Carolina, several of whom are located around landfills, toxic waste sites and coal ash dumps. Spraying this potentially harmful material that could drift over nearby homes, businesses, schools and churches is not only nonsensical, it’s totally unethical. We strongly urge our elected officials to require further research before approving of any technology that could be detrimental to public health and the environment. We implore North Carolina senators and representatives to vote against any attempt to override the governor’s veto. This is a dangerous material and our communities ought to come first.

The text of this letter can also be found HERE on The News & Observer website.