The late Dr. Steve Wing, Dr. Valerie Johnson, Dr. Sacoby Wilson, and Dr. Chris Heaney at NC Title VI & Environmental Justice Interagency Community Workshop at North Carolina Central University

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We are a grassroots, people of color-led coalition of community organizations and there are lots of ways to get involved with NCEJN. You can become a member, donate, or join the organization as a volunteer!

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Date:March, 14th 2020 11:00am-2:00pm

We will be hosting a series of training workshop sessions about climate issues in North Carolina & educating attendees on how to advocate for the issues they care about! Come out to learn how to successfully be apart of a social media advocacy campaign, or how to write a letter of advocacy to your elected officials or local media. Find out More

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Our annual environmental justice summit has been a cornerstone critical to the resilience of our network. It’s an opportunity for us to gather together, exchange knowledge and experience, share our stories, and be refreshed to take on the important, difficult work ahead.