The Concerned Citizens of West Badin Fight to Clean up Hazardous Waste

NCEJN is excited to launch a new campaign supporting the Concerned Citizens of West Badin Community (CCWBC)! The CCWBC is a group of Black workers (now retired) and their friends and family who have fought for decades to get a multi-national aluminum company, Alcoa, and the NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) to clean up hazardous chemicals in their community. However, the truth has been buried by Alcoa’s corporate power and the false narrative that everything is now fine.

We can’t hold Alcoa and the NCDEQ accountable while they control the narrative and “truth” about what’s happening! Join NCEJN and CCWBC as we build public pressure leading up to our rally on September 30th in Badin, NC.

Join us!

On September 30th, at the Mt. Zion Baptist Missionary Church in West Badin, NC we’ll be having a rally for West Badin! We’ll start with lunch with Concerned Citizens organizers, and then they’ll lead us on a tour of West Badin to show us sites of harm in their community. Then, we will have community sign making, followed by a rally about the issue. The demand is simple: we want Alcoa to clean up what they messed up!

If you’re also concerned about Alcoa’s pollution, we hope to see you there!

Get on the bus from Chapel Hill!

We have hired a bus to bring folks from the triangle area. Use the registration form to let us know where you are; currently we are scheduled to only pick up in Chapel Hill, but we may add a stop in Durham at NCCU if there is any interest.

Learn More About the Issue: Watch our Videos

Panel with the Concerned Citizens of West Badin

Interview with West Badin resident Georgette E.

Interview with a CCWBC Leader, Valerie Tyson

Get More Involved

Fill out our West Badin Signup Form for updates and opportunities to get involved with this campaign.

Take Action Now!

Call the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to demand answers for their lack of cleanup or accountability in Stanly and Montgomery Counties!


Prompting Questions:

  1. Why are there still unlined landfills containing hazardous waste in Badin?
  2. Is it safe to swim and fish in Badin Lake and Little Mountain Creek? Why did you remove the “no swimming” warning sign from the lake property?
  3. Why have you not cleaned up West Badin, as the CCWBC have been asking for?
  4. How come Alcoa is operating in Badin under an expired stormwater cleanup permit?
  5. [What are your concerns? What do you want Alcoa and NCDEQ to do?]