2021 Environmental Justice Summit

This years summit was canceled to allow space and time for the organization to look within. We are introspecting and redefining how we be in the movement; thus, our pause will continue into next year as we search for two new Co-Directors, assess our current capacity, and hire additional staff to meet that capacity. We no longer want to exist in an overwhelmed and overstretched way. We are choosing wellness, rightsized-ness,  and joy. The fight for environmental justice is a long one, and we surely plan to endure it.  To that end, we are still navigating a shift from survival into abundance. Two ways of being that require vastly different mindsets and skill sets. 

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Awards – Unfortunately, we will not be hosting our awards this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if you know some amazing EJ Activists, please consider Consider nominating them next year for one of our awards: EJ Youth Vanguard Award, NCEJN Community Resilience Award, or Steve Wing International Environmental Justice Award

Sponsorship  – Able to help sponsor the EJ Summit? Go here to learn how to contribute money to the 22nd Annual EJ Summit.

History of EJ Summit page – Go here to learn about the history of the EJ Summit as well as find archived programs, pictures, and videos from past EJ Summits. If you have additional archival materials from past EJ Summits that are not shown on this page, we welcome you to share those materials with NCEJN. Please contact the EJ Summit Coordinators (ncejsummit@gmail.com) with that information.


I am a link in the chain, and the link in the chain will not break here!

Celebrating 21 years of promise, change, & action!

NCEJN’s 22nd Annual Environmental Justice Summit (2020)

We Can’t Breathe: Policing, Pollution, Public Violence, and Pandemic

This year, we are focusing our hearts and attention on the multiple crises that harm our communities – namely the public violence of policing, pollution, and the pandemic – and how our collective struggle can transform that harm into wellbeing for our communities.

To promote the safety of our community members, we have planned for this year’s Summit to be held online for the month of October. We will be gathering via email, social media, on Zoom, and by word of mouth to continue to practice solidarity and prove that our strength in numbers is not changed by any force! In addition to the virtual events, for the month of October, we will be asking our members and others to join in completing weekly action challenges as well as three live-stream events, to actively engage collectively towards our shared goals. Our traditions are adaptable. Our power never falters! 

Check out the 2020 Program Book!

Meeting Location

This year’s EJ Summit will be virtual! Once you register, we will share the Zoom information with you.

Event Dates

Live-stream events will include:

Saturday, October 10th | 3-5pm
EJ Documentary (Mossville: When Great Trees Fall) and Discussion

Friday, October 23rd | 4-5:30pm
EJ Panel on Policing, Pollution, Public Violence, and Pandemic

Saturday, October 24th | 10-11:30am
EJ Remembrance and Closing