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History and Overview In 2007 Gary R. Grant proposed the SWIEJ Award to annually recognize an academic who has made notable contributions to achieving Environmental Justice, especially through activism. While scholarship is not unimportant for a nomination, the clear emphasis is on a person’s advocacy work that reflects the goals of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network (NCEJN). The award is named after the late Dr. Steve Wing, a founding planning board member of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, and a long time scholar and activist in the Environmental Justice arena in North Carolina. The person receiving this honor reflects through their work Steve’s commitment to community, justice and equality, while taking a stand in academia. Past Recipients include: Dr. Sacoby Wilson 2008, Dr. Christopher Heaney 2009, Dr. Mansoureh Tajik 2010, Dr. Valerie Johnson 2012, Att. Savi Horne 2013, Professor Irving Joyner 2014, Dr. Sarah Hatcher 2015; Att. Elizabeth Haddix, 2016; Dr. Courtney Woods, 2017.
Criteria for Selection The Steve Wing International Environmental Justice Award is presented annually to an academic who has notably and consistently used their academic discipline toward advancing Environmental Justice, especially through activism in the United States and/or abroad. Recipients are recognized for their activist contributions and their occupational and academic achievements.The recipient of the SWIEJ Award should be a person who has consistently used their scholarship and activism to achieve Environmental Justice. The individual is primarily honored as an activist, rather than as a function of his or her place of employment or academic achievements alone.
Nomination Procedures While there are no set guidelines for a nomination, a winning nomination may have these elements: A document (e.g. curriculum vitae, brief biography) providing an accounting of the activist’s/ academician’s contributions to furthering Environmental Justice principles and their impact, testimonials from those benefiting from or witnessing the activism, especially community members, and any other supporting documents, such as newspaper clippings. Most importantly, the nomination should clearly indicate how these activities have worked toward achieving Environmental Justice. Nominations should be sent to the NCEJN EJ Summit Coordinators, as specified below. The EJ Summit Coordinators will distribute copies of the nominations to the NCEJN Planning Committee. The committee will acknowledge nominations received, notify recipients, and communicate the selection process outcome to all nominees. Email submission is preferred.
The Award Presentation The annual award is presented at the NCEJN Summit.