Hello to you all,

I have big news to share!

Today, we not only honor the labor movement, but, at NCEJN, we’re also absolutely thrilled to tell you all that Dr Valerie Johnson has joined our team as our third co-Director!  

In the words of our Board: “The NCEJN Board of Directors is excited to welcome Dr. Valerie Johnson as our new Co-Director of Operations and Development. Dr. Johnson has been part of NCEJN since its founding and has dedicated her life and career to making the world a more fair and just place. As the fight for EJ becomes more important than it has ever been, Dr. Johnson’s wisdom, experience, and leadership will be a great addition to our team. We, both the board and the staff, are so excited to welcome Dr. Johnson to the NCEJN team in this leadership role and are grateful for the many years of support she has already offered the organization.  Undoubtedly her unique combination of skills, experience and warm personality will be a tremendous addition to NCEJN’s present and future.”

Dr. Johnson herself shares with us:  “My activism, scholarship, and research, grounded in an anthropological perspective, have brought me to this moment where I can bring these varied experiences from my previous positions to support as staff, an organization that has been an integral part of my adult life. I feel it is time for me to be part of the NCEJN team that is working to secure NCEJN’s long-term future and a life-affirming environment for all of us.”

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Johnson. You can email her at valerie@ncejn.org

Please read on for news of a new documentary feature, and a reminder of events this week.

If you’re in the Triangle, I hope to see you at the May Day rally and march in Durham today at 5 pm.  If you’re participating in another May Day rally, please do share photos or highlights with me, so that I can share it with everyone in our forthcoming newsletter.

Forward together,

Rania Masri

NCEJN Co-Director




P.S. If you haven’t yet registered for the NC Conservation Network conference, please check it out here and join us there. The NCCN Conference will be held next week, from May 7-May 8.

Documentary screening: ‘Our Movement starts here’

Southern Documentary Project producers / directors John Rash and Melanie Ho announced  their feature documentary Our Movement Starts Here.  The feature documentary tells the story of the small rural community in Warren County, NC that inspired the international environmental justice movement in 1982 when citizens joined together to fight the state of North Carolina’s toxic landfill. The premiere will be on Saturday May 11, 1PM, at the NC Museum of History’s 2024 Long Leaf Film Festival. A free public preview screening will be held prior to the festival on Thursday, May 9, 6:30PM at Coley Springs Baptist Church, in Afton, NC, the site of the original 1982 protests attributed with inspiring the environmental justice movement.

Reminders of events this week!

May Day – Rally in Durham today @ 5 pm

Explore critical connections this week:

tomorrow @ 1 pm

Saturday @ 5 pm