Here you can explore articles and stories that we are telling from the front-lines of climate change.

Organizing for Power: Media Advocacy Group

The ladder towards liberation and justice begins with small steps.  To achieve our vision of developing a state-wide network that powerfully opposes destructive policies and becomes a platform for proposing and building sustainable policies, we need to strengthen our...

Community Science launch – Spidey Sense-r

Air pollution in the US has been seen as a cost of progress - a necessary evil to have the gains provided by industrial manufacturing. However, black, brown, and rural folks always seem to be caught with the bill for this progress. This “sacrifice” goes largely...

Farms, not Factories!

Join us to hear how representatives from ASPCA, Land Stewardship Project, the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, are organizing against factory farms and changing policies to move us towards a future where sustainable animal agriculture is the norm.

Freedom Hill Documentary Screening & Discussion

Princeville, NC is the first town incorporated by freed, enslaved Africans in America. But, due to hurricanes, white supremacy and political neglect, it is gradually being washed away. Join us 7/6 for the Freedom Hill Documentary & panel discussion.

Organizational Rebirth & Position Announcements

WHO WE ARE: The North Carolina Environmental Justice Network (NCEJN) is a coalition of community organizations and their supporters who work with low-income communities and people of color to promote health and environmental equity, clean industry, safe workplaces,...