Nominations for the NCEJN Community Resilience Award (form linked here) will be accepted through September 30, 2019

Please send any supporting materials via email to:

NCEJN EJ Summit Coordinators

Overview The Community Resilience Award is designed to give the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network (NCEJN) the opportunity to spotlight community groups and individuals who have made a difference in environmental struggles. Past recipients include: David Caldwell 2014, Belinda Joyner 2015; Macy Hinson, 2016; Devon Hall & REACH, 2016; Ellis Tatum, 2017.

Qualifications for Nominees

  • A community individual or community group currently working on an environmental injustice issue
  • Showing commitment for a safe and healthy environment for the community
  • Unselfishly giving to create a more just society
  • Working for political and social reform
  • Constantly using activism and organizing in the community to achieve environmental justice

Nomination Procedures While there are no set guidelines for a nomination, a winning nomination should fulfill the qualifications listed above. Nominations should be sent to the NCEJN EJ Summit Coordinators, as specified below. Nominations will be accepted until September 30, 2019. The EJ Summit Coordinators will distribute copies of the nominations to the NCEJN Planning Committee. The committee will acknowledge nominations received, notify recipients, and communicate the selection process outcome to all nominees. Email submission is preferred.

The Award Presentation 
The annual award is presented at the NCEJN Summit, held this year on October 18-19 in Whitakers, North Carolina.

Call for Nominations Please take a few moments to send us your recommendation so that we can recognize those who help us fulfill our mission of environmental justice. Nominations for the NCEJN Community Resilience Award will be accepted through September 30, 2019. Recipients will be announced at the Summit, and if in attendance will receive special recognition.