ACT Against Coal Ash has gotten funding to provide certified testing of any apparent coal ash, hog, human or livestock waste or fuel contamination that is suspected in the vicinity of a drinking water well as a result of flooding, or Florence-related damage, or other contamination event!   

  • Coal Ash–indications for possible contamination: grey powder on surface or suspended in water, or coal ash basin within 1 mile of your well.
  • Hog Waste or Sewage—indications for possible contamination: dark discoloration or sewage like odor
  • Fuels from underground or above ground storage tanks—indications for possible contamination: sheen on surface of water or stained soil, fuel smell

 To get your sample vials quickly and be able to collect samples, please email BOTH and to let us know which samples you need to take (Coal Ash, Animal Waste or Sewage, Fuel Spill).  If you have any questions about what to test for, please call Hope at 919-401-9600.  Thanks for your concern and helping to test our well and surface waters to keep yourself and your neighbors safe!!

The ACT Against Coal Ash Relief Fund can cover all expenses for testing, including 1) sending vials to you, 2) courier picking up samples you have taken, and 3) analyzing them in the lab, sending you results.  They  will send the invoices to Clean Water for NC to pay on behalf of ACT, but the lab results will be sent to you,  the person or group who collects the samples.  Below is the list of tests we’ve arranged for, at NO COST TO THE PERSON TAKING SAMPLES, but you must email BOTH and, and mention the testing will be paid for on Clean Water for NC’s account.  You can call Clean Water for NC at 919-401-9600 for advice on what to test for.

Chemicals for Coal Ash Tests — iron, vanadium, hexavalent chromium, cobalt, lead, barium, boron, cadmium, calcium, manganese, zinc, aluminum, copper, magnesium, thallium, sodium, arsenic, molybdenum, nickel, potassium, selenium, strontium, mercury, sulfate, pH and other water quality parameters

Tests for hog waste, sewage — ammonia, nitrate, bacteria (total, fecal coliform)

Tests for fuel spills — BTEX-624