To join please RSVP:

Join us for an important webinar about why manure-to-energy is a false solution. We’ll look at the flawed economic reasoning behind it, learn about the harms to communities on the front lines of this buildout, and talk about real energy solutions to address the climate crisis. We hope you will join us.

We’ll be using a web conferencing platform called Zoom so we can share slides and infographics — so we strongly recommend that you join from a computer.

We have a powerful group of speakers who will cover several aspects of this issue:

Ayo Wilson, NC Environmental Justice Network, will discuss impacts on those living near factory farms and digesters.
Phoebe Seaton, Leadership Council, will cover the failure of digesters to address larger environmental, health, and climate impacts.
Patty Lovera, Food & Water Watch, will present about the corporate control of our food system and how biogas moves us away from developing effective policies for sustainable agriculture.
Dr. Mark Jacobson, Stanford, will discuss the pathway to 100% renewable with clean renewable energy.