The ladder towards liberation and justice begins with small steps.  To achieve our vision of developing a state-wide network that powerfully opposes destructive policies and becomes a platform for proposing and building sustainable policies, we need to strengthen our organizing tools.  One step towards that goal is developing an organized media advocacy group – one in which we target media networks in the State (and beyond) and submit, individually but with collective support, letters to the editor, opinion-pieces, and more. 

We recognize that creating spaces in mainstream media has the potential to influence political decisions and to raise the needed attention to the critical environmental – and intersectional – issues we face.  The organizing that it entails will result in empowered communications skills that will assist us in reaching across all our communities in NC. Together, we can elevate our voices, all the while building a stronger network and supporting each other. We can identify how best to build the political and organizational power we need for the struggle. Let’s build it together. If you are interested in contributing to the media advocacy group, please contact us at