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Hello, it’s been a minute! We’ve been putting together our NCEJN team (look out for intros to our new staff soon!) and are excited to share what we’ve been working on. On June 3rd, we’re hosting a collaborative workshop on Environmental Justice in Durham. And on June 10th we’ll be launching Spidey Sens-r, an accessible air quality monitoring project Dr. Chris Hawn founded, with a Spider Party co-hosted by NOTRA!

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June 3rd, 10AM-1:30PM at the People’s Solidarity Hub in Durham: Join us for a collaborative workshop, starting with learning from the Durham County Department of Public Health and Omega, Brenda, and Ayo Wilson with the West End Revitalization Association. Afterward, we’ll break into groups and share visions and outlines with an intersectional approach for the first-ever Environmental Justice chapter in the Durham County Community Health Assessment (CHA).

In 2021 the West End Revitalization Association and its founders Omega and Brenda Wilson wrote the first-ever Environmental Justice chapter in the Alamance County Community Health Assessment. Gov. Cooper has pushed this effort out to all 100 counties, and NCEJN is very excited to bring folks together for an intersectional environmental justice approach for this work as a model to be used state-wide.

Workshop breakout topics include: legacy sites and cumulative impacts; housing practices, gentrification, and evictions; affirmative EJ issues, including public transit, democracy, and informed decision-making; and other issues, including police injury and incarceration.


June 10th, 9AM-2PM at the Philippi Church of Christ in Greenville: Come out to our Spider Party with NOTRA. We’ll be collecting funnel spider webs for the first ever Spidey Sens- r collection event in North Carolina! NCEJN is co-hosting this community sampling event with North of the River Association (NOTRA). NOTRA will share concerns about current sources of air pollution in Greenville. Then we will use Spidey Sens-r to help measure and address them. 

Dr. Chris Hawn, co-director of Research and Education, founded Spidey Sens-r in 2018 and NCEJN is very excited to officially launch this project! “Spidey Sens-r” is a network of air quality monitors using spider webs. Funnel spider webs are horizontal, tightly woven, abundant, and quickly rebuilt. Because of this, their webs collect trace metals, dust and settled air particle pollution from industry and heavy motor traffic (car exhaust) that can cause respiratory diseases. We can use these webs monitor air quality in areas where there are no air quality monitoring sensors, which are often Black and brown neighborhoods. With spider webs as bioindicators, we can detect differences in air quality at the neighborhood level. 






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