We’re excited to redesign our website! After 24 years of existence, our organization finds itself in a place of digital rebirth. As we work to design a new digital identity, we are seeking professional support in creating a website that is reflective of our needs, responsive to changing projects, user-friendly, and incorporates material from archives and old sites into one space. Please read below for the project specifics and official requests for proposals.
We’re estimating that this project will take 200 hours with a budget of $6,000-$10,000. 
In your proposal, please include:
  • Contact information, including email and phone number
  • Timeline of the project, including how many hours it would take to complete
  • Any initial sketches, maps, or wireframing for the website
  • Estimated budget for project
If you’re interested, submit a portfolio, proposal, and resume to both rania@ncejn.org and Sanzari Aranyak sanzari@ncejn.org by Friday, February 23, 2024. Click here for the full job description and project details